The shape of what we cannot see


The breath of aircaressing the grasson a chilled morning. Or the attractionof water moleculessuspended in time. And what is this green,in its myriad of hues,refracting the light? What we cannot seetaking shape,if we will pause and notice. In this in-between space, this uncertain time, what is taking shape in the places we don’t usually see? … Read more

On the cusp of time


Where is the pathon the cusp of time?The invitation to walk fromknowing to unknowing. To see the change in seasonripening before our eyes,while whispering farewellsto lives once lived. Nothing is held formore than a moment.These are just spaceswe dance within. ~ After feeding the alpacas, I climbed up the hillside, watching the flow of seasons … Read more

What do we do when we ‘know’?


What do we do in our places of knowing? Those things we are sure of or have confidence in. Do we go and find something else to add to our collection? Or might we sit with our knowing until it becomes our unknowing? Probing its soft edges and letting them unfold. Until they mellow into … Read more

For we only see in part


Seeing in part,  we only recognise whatwe’ve noticed before. Yet what of the new,unfolding possibilitiesof resurrection life? And what of the hope,words unknown whisperingsoftly in new tongues? Let’s pause and wonder,seeing again throughfresh eyes. Listening for songs of hopein the dark stillnessbefore dawn. Knowing there is an after,because love is alwaysstronger. ~ Rhubarb leaves…

Ducks in the dark


If you’re not familiar with the place you find yourself, then darkness can be unnerving. So walking around the lake in the deepening twilight, I realise that the sounds and shapes are familiar. At least to me, but they might not be for you. Our journeys can be like this. We thought we were ready … Read more

Sitting with silence


We are conditioned to move away from discomfort. To treat grief as an unwelcome guest. Yet, they are all part of the wholeness we call life. Without the uncomfortable silence, the absence of knowing, how can we learn to see and hear what is beyond? And grow enough to move from where we have been, … Read more