Delightful imperfection in the tree world


Searching for a self-seeded conifer on the woodland margins, I realised that the ‘perfect’ tree is an illusion. We cannot define the ideal tree by its balance and dimensions because this replicable approach is unreal. Each tree grows where it is planted or seeded. It responds to its total environment in a way that shapes … Read more

What landscape do you inhabit?


In your life and work, what do you see in the landscape you inhabit? Yes, the effects of the seasons will be evident, and whether there are people around. I wonder, though, what is the nature of the underlying landscape? Is it one of years of harvest and no planting? And perhaps weeds and rubbish … Read more

What shapes our inner being?


Don’t worry, this isn’t a big philosophical rant, though maybe it’s a timely exploration. While I don’t have the answer, I do know a little about the environment, the landscape in which we are formed. Sure, our individual genesis gave us our DNA. And we didn’t have much control over our experiences in childhood. Actually, … Read more

The natural diversity of life


Everywhere I look in nature: diversity is flourishing. Trees are turning out their autumnal livery in different ways and at different stages. And the variety and complementarity of this glorious array are inspiring. The only part of the valley that does not display this as beautifully is where a monoculture of conifers was planted years … Read more