Do tell me, what do you see?


When you look at a friend: what do you see? Do you notice their stature or how they have their hair? Is it their clothes that draw your attention? Or is it something else? Something that expresses their essence, their wholeness, with the tone of the present showing up in the way they hold themselves … Read more

Being open to a different take on wholeness


I love the way poetry can ask questions we wouldn’t know how to frame. And the way words plant seeds that sprout in unexpected places. Blooming in colours we weren’t anticipating. Yet I guess we need to be open to exploring these different dimensions of wholeness because it doesn’t come to order. Allison Joseph’s poem … Read more

Naming on the path to wholeness


Our longings are for what is out of reach. And our yearning is only in absence, not in fullness. Yet naming is a courageous act of vulnerability. It’s a vital first step of embodiment, a means of making real what we need. So I wonder what we might need to name in becoming whole?

Time to know the wonderful whole


You are not the sum of your parts. You are a unique whole. And that uniqueness is also integrally shaped by where you are in time and space. There isn’t another you. So stop trying to fix the bits you aren’t sure of – or don’t like – and instead grow in wholeness. Wonderfully, right … Read more

The gift of giving our full attention


How do we start to heal the fractures, both within ourselves and within our world? By giving people, us included, the benefit of our full attention. Our quality of focus and our presence. Because we can’t multi-task. It isn’t physiologically possible, even if you try to kid yourself that you are the exception. Instead, let’s … Read more