Humanity is being bound up together


Ubantu: I am because you are The richness of other social traditions often shows up the superficial paucity of ours. And in the current climate, it is essential to remind ourselves that we are not separate entities. As the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu said: “My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only … Read more

Look around – we are not alone


Nothing about our life is solitary. Yes, there are times when we’re particularly conscious of our alone-ness. And occasions when separation is all too evident. But in essence, life is not singular. It can’t be – that’s a physical and biological impossibility. We are surrounded by the presence of others, even if we can’t see … Read more

Alone together


In this time of strangeness, being alone together is growing as we gravitate towards this new quality of connection and change is shared.

Roads last…


If you think about it, roads are usually the only things that last the ravages of time. Beautiful buildings decay or are replaced. Landscaping reverts to its original state if left untended. Civilisations come and go. But roads last. Here’s the thing about roads, they only ever exist to connect. No one ever builds a … Read more