Now I become myself

This week, death has nudged a little closer: the devastating war, the shameful famine, the choaking of the earth and the passing of time. And for some, it is closer to home. In the face of this, we have a range of choices. From closing the door and hoping it doesn’t come any nearer, to …

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What do you call this?

I wonder, what would you call this flower? Cuckooflower Milkmaids Lady’s smock Cuckoo bittercress Whitsuntide gilliflower Mayflower Cardamine pratensis Or do you have another name? And as you read these words, where do they take you? For me, the familiar name is Milkmaids, and it takes me back to field margins on my home farm …

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What makes your heart sing?

Pay attention to the little things. They may not shout, but they do create a beautiful harmony. And as you tune into the presence of yourself, in your landscape, you will notice what makes you come alive. The song your heart wants to sing, which is the song the world waits to hear.


Yearning for a new language

Throughout this recent season in our collective history, I have been struggling with words. I love words – playing with their sounds, appreciating their shape and enjoying their nuance. However, some of our current words are feeling worn-out and tired. What we are engaging with now requires a new vocabulary. As T S Eliot suggested …

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