Creating space for what?


I suspect that the word spaciousness evokes a deep-seated longing in most of us. We just know we want that kind of quality in our lives. But what’s it for? Hold on, that sounds a bit utilitarian! Yes, but it might help us to move beyond unfulfilled longing and even guilt, of the ‘I ought … Read more



What a lovely word. I wonder what it conjures up for you? The spaciousness of breathing and being. Of seeing, hearing and connecting. The roominess of possibilities and ideas that open windows and let fresh air in. The space to be fully you and inhabit your dreams. Yet, it is also an expression of how … Read more

The gift of beautiful space


During this strange year, our encounter with space has taken on new dimensions. Some of us have had too much, while others are desperate for more. But is it only about our physical limitations and the presence of noise, activity or demands? Reflecting on this, I wonder if the gift of space is fundamentally an … Read more

Generous space?

generous space

If you could create more generous space for you and for others, what would it look like? At the start of the week, this is an interesting question… Where we think we are has a huge impact on how we feel about it. And how we feel affects what we tell ourselves about what we … Read more