No way back…

There’s a path in the woods where the dog and I used to walk every day.

I haven’t been there as often since she died a month ago.

And now the path is overgrown with bramble and bracken. In some places, I can’t even find the track again.

This is a visceral reminder for me that once we cross a threshold, we can’t go back.

Even if we want to.

In the same way, we cannot unsee what we have seen or undream a vision of the future that has stirred our hearts.

Perhaps this is why Catherine Booth’s quote that started my week has stirred up so much:

“To better the future, we must disturb the present.”

We do have to be unsettled enough in our present to create a new future.

And there’s no going back.

Because this is a frontier between two different territories, and in crossing the line, we also shift our identity.

Who I am becoming is not who I was.

And who you are choosing to become is alive with possibility.

There’s no way back.


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