Whispers in the stillness


It is only as we become still that we can hear. The questions that are waiting to be asked don’t shout. Instead, they offer themselves in silence, from a place of rest.

Not standing still


In the stillness, but not standing still But heard, half-heard, in the stillnessBetween two waves of the sea. TS Eliot. Little Gidding, Four Quartets That space between the waves, when do you see it? When we’re out – on or watching the water as it moves – we tend to notice the waves. Their shape … Read more

Of quiet space…


Stepping intostillness,letting quiet spaceinvade ourinner worldfor a momentor two. Embracingemptiness,not to be fearedbut spacethat can befilled,later. ~ Good Friday 2021

Still waiting


I don’t think any of us feels whole. Not really whole. How can we when the world around us is so broken? Where do we string together the words to describe what we see or capture what we feel in a way that can be heard in the wind? And where does our hope come … Read more

How far into the stillness?


Stillness beckonshow far will you go? Will you venture outcreating fresh imprintswhere you’ve never daredto go before? Stillness beckonswhat will you leave behind?

Starting from a place of stillness


Starting froma place of stillness,frees us from themomentum of others,or the clamour of our ego;the noise of our lack,and the false scarcityof the material world.Instead, thesong of the lark is heard,and our heart beats strongerwith possibility.