Into the darkness – a prelude


This is one of those plump acorns from earlier in the autumn. Can you see how it’s opening up and reaching for the dark? But it cannot grow into a sapling oak here on the path. So I moved it to a place where it could burrow into the leaf mould and the earthy soil … Read more



Gideon Heugh has just published a new book, Darkling: An Advent Journey, and I wanted to share it with you. This is a book for darkling days. A book for those who are hunkering down against the winter storms of life. A book for those who feel weary, lost, uncertain. It is not a book … Read more

States of being in time


Is there a difference between waiting and being patient? I think there may be, depending on our orientation. For many of us, waiting has a sense of being static and outward focussed. Who or what are we waiting for? Whereas being patient may be about our inner attitude. Holding something until it’s ripe or ready … Read more

The paradox of passionately waiting


Reading one of David’s Psalms the other day inspired this phrase: Passionately waiting. Because to pause with any less expectation would somehow be an abdication. Or, to put it another way, it would be like expecting someone else to do the work I am called to do or become the person I am meant to … Read more

Unveiling the unseen


What we think we seeis only surface,  simply caught inthe angle of light; colourful texturescatching our attentiondistracting us fromthe deeper work of patiently andpassionately waitingfor the unseento be revealed. ~ Stimulated by a delightful conversation with Josie Mackenzie on the extraordinary alchemy of creating plant dyes.

Being ready to sit with the question


Have you noticed? Often our significant questions invite us to sit with them for a while. Yet we’re in such a hurry. We’ve become conditioned to believe that questions need clear answers. Now. But how would we know we’re looking at it the wrong way round, upside down, or back to front? Indeed what if … Read more