The challenge of retracing our steps

When we try to retrace our steps, it often isn’t like we remembered. What we started out to do has changed. It has moved from a destination we thought we could describe to a journey we’re enrolled in. From an objective to an action. A becoming rather than a possession. And this changes us.


Waymarks in the dark

Waymarks aren’t always what we think we’re looking for. And certainly not when we’re in the dark. We’re searching for neon lights, a big sign that says ‘here’. When perhaps it’s a whisper in the shadows, a leaf turned upside down or a star in the sky. ~ My current fascination with darkness is arising …

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Being in the darkness

Even when we are in the dark, it’s not entirely black. For that, we would need to go way underground, as Robert Macfarlane’s book, Underland, explores. But it can feel disorientating when we have no markers to make sense of where we are. In these situations, we often look for the light. Any light. Yet …

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