Now is the time


It is time,time to be present. To show up as fullyand as beautifullyas this first camellia. It is time,time to emerge. + Sue Heatherington

Thoughts on emerging


Sometimes, we’re tempted to settle once we’ve crossed a costly threshold. We’re relieved and can relax. But that wasn’t the purpose of getting over the line. It was to walk on. To find out why we’re in this new place or phase. Otherwise, the draw of going back might become too alluring.

No one is ready

In this emerging era – or whatever term you are using – we don’t have to get it right before we start moving. If we try to get it sorted before stepping forward, then we’ve failed. Because this isn’t how it works. Not now. What a relief! ~ following on from Stumbling our way forward

A most beautiful reveal


Waking up to a mist blanket shrouding the valley is an ethereal experience. Only we know what hides beneath. And my morning run down to the village offered glimpses of treetops, roofs and chimneys glistening in the clear sunlight above the cloud like a painting. Returning home, the sun had done its work, and these … Read more

Emerging shapes


This time isn’t just about waiting. Just holding things together until the storm blows through, or trying to create a future that we can’t yet see. Instead, I am encouraged by the poem Poetics by A R Ammons quoted in A Simpler Way that provokes me to be open to what is emerging. Here is … Read more

A surprising invitation


A Simpler Way is a beautiful book by Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers. Published nearly 25 years ago, its insights and wisdom seem even more relevant for today: Very little about the emerging nature of life supports who we have tried to be. Life invites us to play along, discovering as we go. Life wants … Read more