A most beautiful reveal

Waking up to a mist blanket shrouding the valley is an ethereal experience. Only we know what hides beneath.

And my morning run down to the village offered glimpses of treetops, roofs and chimneys glistening in the clear sunlight above the cloud like a painting.

Returning home, the sun had done its work, and these surreal images had all but evaporated.

But it was a reminder that often the most beautiful things we see are when life is emerging.

Including in us as human beings.

Because of Steve’s role with The Podcasting Workshop, I occasionally eavesdrop on some lovely emerging work created by passionate and thoughtful people.

Yesterday he shared the trailer for a gorgeous and inspiring work of creativity from the pianist Monika Mašanauskaitė.

Do have a listen to OpenARTed. It is the most beautiful reveal.