Natural rhythm


Walking up the valley in the cool of the evening, I was aware of a rhythm that is usually outside our perception. Daisies had started to close their little white heads as the temperature fell. The timbre of the birdsong took on a more mellow, relaxed tone, so unlike the noisy burst of the dawn … Read more

Formed inside and out…


I think we’ve got it the wrong way round. From the moment of conception right up to now, which came first? Inside or out? Yet we pay so much attention to what’s on the outside, what we surround ourselves with. When perhaps we should look at how we are made, internally. And respect our inner … Read more

We are not alone


As human beings, we are designed for connection. We don’t function well in isolation. But sometimes we need to make a conscious choice to ‘find the others’ and do what it takes to be real. That’s when we weave gold threads that can only be seen on the other side of the tapestry. The courage … Read more

Place matters…


Where is your place? The place that shapes you, forms part of your identity and infuses your work? As human beings place matters, even though we have become more disconnected from the physical space we inhabit. It is part of our rootedness. Take care of it. Place matters.