Natural rhythm

Walking up the valley in the cool of the evening, I was aware of a rhythm that is usually outside our perception.

Daisies had started to close their little white heads as the temperature fell. The timbre of the birdsong took on a more mellow, relaxed tone, so unlike the noisy burst of the dawn chorus.

Alpacas were deciding where to spend the night. It was as if the whole valley was settling down to sleep.

No one told them to do this. It wasn’t written on a schedule.

Yet intuitively they know how to look after themselves and operate with a rhythm that enables them to flourish.

Here’s the thing. Are we also open to learning a rhythm that will enable us to thrive?

I suspect that for many of us it will continue to take a lot of learning…

Yet if we don’t, I’m not sure we will have the internal capacity to respond to the new dawn.