Noticing in slow motion

Wedged between stonesthe flow of waterheld in suspension.All the worldreflectedin a drop,only seen inslow motion. + Sue Heatherington


Entering the water light

Watertumbles acrossthe stones,finding channelsto dance,currentsto race,and poolsto rest a while.Inviting usto jointhe flow. + Sue Heatherington


Pausing to see

A moment in timeetched with frost,a masterpiecein disguise. Beauty…or fallen leavesI walk pastevery day. + Sue Heatherington


Noticing the rhythms we follow

Rhythms are around us and in us all the time. From our heartbeat to the cycles of the solar system. They all impact our lives, but the ones we pay attention to shape us the most. What rhythms are you attuned to?

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