Yielding to the natural rhythms of life

At its heart, patience is giving up our fight with time.

‘Patience is developed much like awareness. Through an acceptance of what is. Impatience is an argument with reality. The desire for something to be different from what we are experiencing in the here and now. A wish for time to speed up, tomorrow to come sooner, to relive yesterday, or to close your eyes and open them and find yourself in another place.

Time is something we have no control over. So patience begins with acceptance of natural rhythms. The implied benefit of impatience is to save time by speeding up and skipping ahead of those rhythms. Paradoxically, this ends up taking more time and using more energy. It’s wasted effort.’

+ Rick Rubin, excerpt from The Creative Act: A Way of Being, Cannongate, 2023

Living here in the valley, I am so fortunate to be immersed in the natural rhythms of life.

Yet even in urban areas, we see the rhythms of the seasons if we look beyond what is human-made.

Where do you root your sense of rhythm?

~ I delight in seeing the bright new growth on the twisted wild honeysuckle