Standing where it’s uncomfortable

standing where its uncomfortable

Sometimes we find ourselves in an uncomfortable place. Where we’d rather walk away and protect ourselves from the emotions and mental turmoil it stirs up. And sometimes walking away is the right thing to do just now. Because we’re not able to see things clearly enough to make wise decisions about how to constructively disrupt … Read more

When is it right to go into action?

when is it right to go into action

This was the great question that our artist friend, Alastair Duncan, posed for our lunchtime conversation for #FirstFridays this week. ‘When is it right to go into action?’ It was fascinating to see that as we chewed on it – metaphorically speaking – everyone had a slightly different take. Why am I not surprised? It’s … Read more

Harvesting the best

harvesting the best

If you want the best wine you have to be intentional about your vines and your terroir. You have to know your soil, your grapes, your aspect and your microclimate. You have to tend your vines, weed and prune. Judging which buds to leave and which to remove so that the best have the opportunity … Read more

Fast or slow?

Fast or slow?

Two types of drivers cause a headache and danger for the rest of us. There are those who only go fast. Foot on the accelerator, energised by the thrill of speed. A ‘habit’ that needs feeding. Yes, they may have ramped up their reflexes, but their fast reaction isn’t always enough. And the psychological disturbance … Read more

Thoughtful provocation

thoughtful provocation

Some people are just provocative. They’ll pick a fight over almost anything. And their identity is simply to be the opposite to whoever you are and whatever you stand for. It’s just a game with the aim of scoring points. Some people are provocative because they don’t know the answer (or their answer) to the … Read more