Compassionate seeing from the edge


Showing someone that you see them is the greatest gift you can give. This powerful quote is from Digby Scott, a wise and insightful change-maker from New Zealand. I look forward to his weekly musings, knowing they will refresh and stimulate me and remind me of our humanity. The story behind this phrase is delightful. … Read more

Knowing kindness


I first heard this poem and its origins several years ago and waited patiently for the right time to share it. Today, Good Friday 2022, seems to be appropriate. KINDNESS Before you know what kindness really isyou must lose things,feel the future dissolve in a momentlike salt in a weakened broth.What you held in your … Read more

Listening for what’s not there…


What is not said can be as important as the words uttered. This is listening beyond language. But are we quiet enough to hear? To notice and sense whether this is an invitation, or a sign to tread very carefully indeed… So let’s listen with generosity and kindness, respecting space and exercising wisdom with care. … Read more

December 2019: Kindness and generosity


Between 20th and 31st December, I have chosen a Quiet Disruptor post from each of the months of 2019. I hope this walking reflection on the year helps prepare us for 2020… December – the last chapter of our story for 2019 – full of grace, stillness and presence, remembering that we are part of … Read more

Kindness and generosity


Deep down we long for a story about who we are and why we are here that has hope. Kindness and generosity invite us to that different way of being.