What we need to hear on time


Assumptions are not proven reality. They are what we tell ourselves to make sense of our world or to take action. And usually, they are helpful. Until they’re not. Enjoy this beautifully written piece from my friend Stephen St. Amant, from his Savenwood Blog. FILLING THE JAR Maybe you’ve heard the widely-shared parable about the … Read more

Revealing the rocks


All the small stuff has gone. Recent rains have exposed the stream bed and shifted the silt and smaller stones further down. What is left is much clearer to see, and it has changed the way the brook flows. There are no longer gentle ripples but stone steps and narrower channels that allow the water … Read more

What can we learn from thistles?


No, this isn’t a philosophical question – though it could be. Traditional Welsh farming practice is to leave thistles growing until July. Then chop them down. Thistles take up valuable grass space and consume a lot of moisture. So it is tempting to get rid of them earlier. However, this would deny precious nectar for … Read more

Weeding wisdom


Yesterday, we were attacking the abundance of weeds and grasses that had sprung up around the house, which had got entirely out of hand. In clearing a large pot, that had become home to a huge mat of grasses, I realised I couldn’t pull them all out in one go. Not only was it far … Read more

Making new connections


The old system is broken. We need a new way of making connections. Not on the basis of transactions. And yes, the substance is very different. So if we keep looking for the old ways of doing things and finding it comes up short, we need to turn around and look in a different direction. … Read more

Celebrating diversity


We know that whilst monoculture feels safe and predictable, ultimately it is unsustainable. And unstable. Here’s the thing. If we root up all the hedgerows and cultivate huge fields of wheat it may be efficient and yield a lot in the short term. But we’ll require colossal external inputs if it’s going to produce abundant … Read more