Being quiet enough to hear your soul speak


Be quiet… quiet enough to hear a voice that’s been trying to be heard, but has been drowned out. Be quiet… quiet enough to hear the tone of love, not the edge of judgement. Be quiet… quiet enough to know that you don’t need to know everything, but some things you do know. And they … Read more

What do you want to say?


Is perhaps another way of saying what do you think about…? Or what change do you want to create? Or who do you want to bless with your words? However, the only way we will hear it is if you speak.

We really don’t have to shout


No one ever wins the shouting wars. No one. Not the apparent victors or those who suffer defeat. We are all losers, in the end, even the bystanders. Because verbal violence that erupts does its damage, that’s its nature. We don’t have to shout, but we do have to speak. How are you faring in … Read more