Being quiet enough to hear your soul speak

Be quiet…

quiet enough to hear a voice that’s been trying to be heard, but has been drowned out.

Be quiet…

quiet enough to hear the tone of love, not the edge of judgement.

Be quiet…

quiet enough to know that you don’t need to know everything, but some things you do know.

And they are important enough to be quiet for…


You do not need to shine.
If the feeling is too much
then neither do you need to rise.

If the floor is all you can manage right now,
if all you desire is to hide
beneath a blanket of darkness
that is fine;
you have no obligation to be at your best.

Listen to the voice within you,
the one that is silence,
the one that is rest.

+ Gideon Heugh, from Rumours of Light

Walking with you on this long weekend as the world shifts around us.


The Week

Sitting with the reality of life, together, with hope, in the company of Susan Cain and others.