The gift of poetry in resetting our lives


HIT RESET Slow. Stop.Take a deep breathStand stock still.Hit reset.Here is the dayCherish the nightNotice your lifeAs it’s passing by. + Martin Wroe, from ‘Julian of Norwich’s teabag’, Wild Goose Publications, 2022 Poetry is brilliant for pressing the reset button. It unlocks things we didn’t know were locked yet does it without a sledgehammer. While … Read more

Unfurling, being open to catch the wind


To unfurl. Let the sound linger as you sense the graciousness of movement. It opens from a closed state, like a folded umbrella or a rolled-up sail on a boat. To unfurl something means opening up its full potential. Showing what has always been there, yet not currently displayed. And it does mean more than … Read more

The Seed Cracked Open


This week I was introduced to a poem by the Sufi poet Hafiz via an experimental online retreat. It beautifully sums up much of what I am currently exploring, and I wanted to share it. Interestingly it is a form of Sufi poetry that always includes the name of the poet in the poem. I … Read more