Appreciating fresh sight


This was a tiny leaf, no more than a centimetre long, resting on a piece of sandstone on the path. I could so easily have just walked by, enjoying the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees and dancing on the lake. Yet I’m glad I stopped and gave it my attention. I wouldn’t have seen … Read more

Fresh thinking space


It’s astonishing what grows, and how quickly, when we create the right environment. This morning at the top end of the valley there is a riot of vegetation. We’ve had rain and sun, and there’s lots of room to flourish. How about you? What do you need to activate your fresh thinking? Not rehashing old … Read more

Where is innovation?

where is innovation

We know what innovation is. We know it when we see it. Also, we know why innovation is necessary. But we’re more hazy about where it happens… Sure, we can point to ‘X marks the spot’ after the event. And in a while, there may be a number of ‘X’s clustered together. But we might … Read more