A nudge in a better direction


Control is so overrated. As if we can control anything! So all these promises of change are rather short-sighted. Instead, we can engage in shifting the conversation for good. Nudging the direction by being present and seeding beautiful words. After all, we are relational beings in an organic world. Let’s grow better.

Shifting the conversation for good


The subtitle of The Manifesto for Quiet Disruptors is: because it’s time to change the conversation for good. And as I’ve been pondering the development of The Art of Quiet Disruption, I’ve realised that this change is still at the core. Because what we talk about and how we speak is fundamentally an expression of … Read more

Choosing how we walk and talk


Let’s walk together because we can. Not because we always agree, but as an expression of our intent. Our choice to put good words to work and make real the conversation. DOUBTS You don’t need to hidefrom your doubts. Let them come to you.Let them fill youwith their peculiar magicand show youthat the path is … Read more

Intentionally slowing down the conversation


Slow down. Why on earth would we do that? I hear our cultural voice exclaim as it defends the relentless pressure for speed, productivity and efficiency. Have we somehow swallowed the idea that fast is always best? And that if something is taking too long, then it’s either weak and inferior, or it simply isn’t … Read more

What if the conversation is the work?


Isn’t it astonishing! Somehow we’ve come to believe that we’re merely resources. Therefore we think the conversation is about the work… OK, so let’s get to the point… Yet, as humans – who are fundamentally relational beings – the conversation is the work. It is the fertile space where ideas and insights are shaped and … Read more

Did you realise that being heard changes us?


Apparently, in quantum physics, we understand that the act of observation changes the thing being observed. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” And knowing that patterns replicate throughout the natural world – fractals – we shouldn’t be surprised by the idea that being heard changes us. … Read more