Naming the truth of love

I heard this poem yesterday.

Somehow it feels important to place it as a marker at the entrance to this week.

With hope.


The ground that hatred has gained
will be retaken by love,
the losses that we’ve sustained
will be remembered by love,

the tears that we’ve cried
will be wiped away by love,
the pain and grief inside
will be healed by love,

a world that seems divided
will be remade by love,
this fight is one-sided –
the universe was built by love

and it was made to bring us together;
love is patient, kind, formidable, invincible
and it’s the only thing that will last forever.
Not even death can defeat love.

So all of the sorrow and the loneliness,
all of the anger and bitterness and confusion
and brokenness will be outflanked, outdone,
outmatched and overcome by love.

+ Gideon Heugh, from Rumours of Light, 2021