Revealing who we really are

This is Nidian.

He’s nine months old, and since the day he was born, he’s oozed confidence and lively character (read cheeky).

While his distinctive personality may have been brought to life more quickly by his close encounter with a small ravine shortly after birth – he wriggled over the edge and thankfully got caught in a gorse bush – I am sure we are seeing the real Nid. Every day.

And that’s the same with all our alpacas – all 42 of them – because each has a unique character. It shows in how and where they choose to stand, what they do when something unusual occurs, how they relate to each other, and who is first at the food. And a myriad of different ways.

This week, we encounter each of them close up as we do the annual shearing. And while there may be evidence of family traits – oh yes, you are X’s daughter – we will also delight in their extraordinary individuality.

And remember that we can’t help but be who we really are.