Emotional connections

We live in a strange world.

We talk about emotional connections as a matter of course. And our emotional lives are much more visible, on the surface, than would have been the case decades ago.

But I wonder if our emotional connections are as real. At least most of the time.

Are we too used to superficiality? Practised in using the words, without the depth of experience. It doesn’t change us.

I feel privileged to have deeper and stronger emotional connections now than for most of my life. But I suspect I am in a minority…

How about you?

Finding your voice: find your connections

PS. Just after drafting this post I read a profound and beautiful piece on reflective practice by David Alderson, Consultant ENT Surgeon: Reflective Practice: Surface, Circle, Sphere or Sophia.  You might appreciate time with this, whether or not you are a clinician.