Crossing the unknown – seeing differently

We know the phrase “he who hesitates is lost“, but there is also foolishness in stepping forward without looking.

However, many of us are now facing a conscious decision to step into the unknown. Unknown because it can’t be determined, not because we haven’t done our homework.

Yet while our future can’t be understood through data and simple laws of causation, it can be sensed if we are open to seeing differently.

The exciting thing about stepping into this liminal space is that it’s a place of growth and exploration.

And more than that it’s a place of abundance because we live in a world which by its nature is beautiful and abundant. We’ve just been looking at it through the lens of scarcity, and therefore we’ve only been able to see through individualistic eyes.

Abundance is so much more than material things. It is also more than the pseudo satisfaction of control.

I wonder, what is your threshold and what excites you about the space that you are entering?

… ongoing thanks to Steve Marshall for his wisdom and insight