Standing back to see forward

When we only see what is in front of our eyes, we fail to see the whole picture.

Yes, it feels like a contradiction, but let’s think about it.

What’s in front of us doesn’t take account of what’s in us.

And more than that, it only allows us to perceive as far as our eyes can see.

No, this isn’t a riddle. It’s an expression of our need to develop a broader perspective that includes the hidden parts of us.

It also allows us to find a vantage point that enables us to see further. Because when we are at ground level, our perspective on time and distance is limited.

This invites a conscious decision to stand back to see forward and develop our system sight, not just our eyesight.

I also wonder what we would see if we were to look back at where we started at the beginning of the week.

What patterns and threads might emerge that would help us to walk forward with more wisdom and grace?

And how might we embody that way of being and becoming?


Don’t settle for a pale copy of reality –
scratching your life on tracing paper
instead of splashing your own colours
upon the expectant canvas of the world.

Don’t settle for a blurred vision of existence –
hyperventilating among the tangle of your busyness
instead of slowly, deeply inhaling
the limitless miracle of now.

+ Gideon Heugh, from Rumours of Light, 2021

Go gently and know that you are magnificent.


This week

Looking for patterns, including asking what words, posts and threads have spoken to you during your walk with these little pause points over the weeks, months or years we’ve been together. I would love to hear – please let me know.