Courage to live the rhythm of life

We live in a culture that promises to make everything safe and OK.

Nothing extreme, nothing too demanding or exposing – as long as we follow the unwritten rules.

Let’s take the essence of the experience and bottle it for consumption rather than experience the highs and the lows.

But that’s not life. And it’s not living.

I don’t know how we can become all that we might be without the cycles – the mountains and valleys – because they have so much to form in us.

Or else we are anaemic, beige, and predictable – just a statistic.

My friend and colleague Joanna Maberly has written a beautiful piece: The trough and the crest. Please go and spend some time with her wisdom and insight – you will be renewed.

And maybe, like me, you will also encounter the profoundly powerful poetry of Judy Sorum Brown for the first time.