Manifesto for Quiet Disruptors


So let’s give space to the QUIET DISRUPTORS:

to those who think before they speak;

who ask questions we’d sometimes rather not face;

who see things we don’t and who create things that surprise;

who find solutions by crossing boundaries and aren’t afraid to challenge the way things are;

who get their energy from calm reflection, beautiful ideas, and not from reactive noise;

who see life in its bigger picture and want to make a difference that benefits both humanity and the earth, over the long haul;

who exercise kindness, generosity and stubborn courage in pursuing a different way of looking, being and doing that can turn our world upside down – for the better.

I’ve been reflecting on the Manifesto for Quiet Disruptors during the week. Reshaping the earlier draft and appreciating how it still speaks to me. Not only in advocating for Quiet Disruptors and the distinctive contributions you bring to where you are, but also as a reminder of what we need to do for ourselves.

In the midst of the busyness of the season let’s try to at least give ourselves some generous space…

Thanks for reading


This Week

The posts have been very much in the moment for me this week. It was interesting that the previous Friday’s blog “Saying no” caused quite a spark and actually kicked off our First Friday lunchtime conversation at The Waterside this week. Thanks, Alastair Duncan for leading a lovely discussion on how to increase our creativity.

… I am still working on the Quiet Disruptors Guidebook – not as much progress as I hoped, but learning lots! Particular thanks to those who have been testing out the stories questions.