Change happens one person at a time

“Change happens one person at a time.” It’s the phrase that appears at the top of the email from my friend Amos Doornbos heralding his blog post – This is Amos – which has arrived in my inbox each and every day since October.

Amos lives, thinks, breathes and talks about courageous and ethical change. Sometimes it’s about digital transformation in the humanitarian sector. Other times it’s about his gorgeous kids and lovely wife, and how life happens. Or it might be insights into how culture shapes us and affects our capacity for movement.

Each day he captures his thoughts, and posts. As I read them I can hear his mellow Canadian accent.

Every day he explores what it means to see change happening. One person at a time.

And it starts with him.

His journey, one step at a time, working out what is his best contribution to making the world a better place.

Twists and turns along the way. Persevering, adjusting how he does it. Listening, learning and reflecting. Being open and honest. And generous.

The thing is we can’t just talk about change. We have to become the change we want to see.

And it is one step at a time. One person at a time.

There isn’t a magic wand or some kind of lever we can pull. It takes small persistent steps. Choices. Getting back up and knowing you can just start again.

Because only people make change… And that only happens one person at a time.

Pass it on

On Amos’ email the phrase – change happens one person at a time – is preceded by:

“Like this? Share this link with a friend.“

So this isn’t about keeping change to ourselves. We have to share it.

I wonder what you will share today…

Thanks for reading


This week

As well as a mixture of heat, thunderstorms and a new prime minister… this week has been interesting.