What do we have time for?

That’s a very interesting question…

Do I have time to notice what’s going on around me and be curious about what’s affecting those I care for?

Do I have time to listen and hear the notes underneath the melody of your words, and marvel at its beauty or feel for its dissonance?

Do I have time to see you in all your emerging extraordinariness, even though I know you can’t always see it for yourself?

Do I have time to quiet my thoughts and be still enough to judge the times and seasons against the frenetic pace of life?

And be ready with a gracious word at the right time, in my voice and not another’s?

These are times for stretching. Digging into our depths. Discovering the gentle and generous disruptive voice that only we can use. And strengthening what is important to us in the midst of the demands all around.

This shifts the question of what do I have time for… It makes it an uncomfortable and joyous imperative. Reaching for meaning and the gift of significance that we all need.

How about you?

Thanks for reading



I really appreciate your reading my messy exploration of writing this book and kindly offering comments during the week. I have started… And I would really like to talk to you and others about your stories and capture them in your own words both for the book and the planned gallery on the website.

This week

This has been a week of exploration, especially around our place in the bigger scheme of things and how we are connected together. I have always loved the words of Tennyson “I am a part of everyone I meet” which is a profound observation, and of course, works in reverse!