Welcome – First Reflection

I’m so glad you’re here and hope your curiosity is piqued.

Mine is, because I don’t know any other way to create change than to do things differently. One step at a time.

Kicking off Quiet Disruptors is certainly a journey into the unknown and I sense that this road will only be made by walking (Antonio Machado, Spanish poet)

So we will walk – hopefully together.

Each weekday I will post a short insight – to encourage, inspire, challenge, provoke ie all those quietly disruptive kind of things – in the style of Seth Godin. (If you haven’t encountered Seth’s Blog yet, you are in for a treat.)

Then at the weekend, I will post a longer, reflective piece, that also signposts other things to look at. This might include online material, podcasts, books, poetry and events.

I hope these will give you delicious food for thought (and soul) to munch on at your leisure.

Now here’s the thing… This is only going to work if you let me know whether I am hitting the spot for you, and it is good enough to share…

And if there are other things that you’d want to hear about and explore as you work out your own voice and walk as a Quiet Disruptor. Contact me…

Will you do that?

Over time I really hope you’ll also have things you want to contribute to the exploration, whether that’s your story, insights or questions.

So this is an evolving process and hopefully a growing community as we step forward together… One step at a time toward making the world, our world, a better place by going against the grain and creating a ruckus, thoughtfully.

Thanks for reading