Two by two by two

Here’s a random thought.

Standing doing the ironing, I had one of those delightful streams of thought, which has the freedom to roam because my body is routinely occupied, but my mind can go anywhere.

Standing on two feet, I can iron with ease. From experience, I know that only one foot would be much harder – to balance, reach, and have the stamina to keep going.

Likewise, seeing with two eyes is much better than one. We can judge distance and proximity and see in three dimensions. The world is so much clearer and richer because of these separate means of vision.

Stereophonic hearing enhances our sense of direction and distance. We can pick up far more nuance and interpret what we’re listening to. Hearing birdsong across the valley or the amount of water cascading down the steps after rainfall. Or catching the exchange in a conversation.

Returning to my two legs, I registered the significance of the way we walk. Our path is not a tightrope, where we might fall off. Instead, we create a path by establishing a momentum of each foot stepping forward alternately in an easy rhythm. One we don’t even think about.

What we need to settle on is the direction and the freedom not to have two left feet…