There’s a hole in the sky

There’s a hole in the sky
where the earth breathes
and we see beyond;
where the warmth of tomorrow
meets the hope of today
in the song of a bird,
and our hearts are opened
to the murmuring of possibility.

This feels like an in-between time, liminality in reality. Waiting, yet being enlarged in the space.

Giving room for things to be unfractured, not because we are fixing ourselves – or anyone else – because this re-joining is out of our control. It takes openness, being honest about where we are, and what we need to become whole.

And this wholeness isn’t just about us as individuals. It’s collective and connected.

Which leads to this powerful evocation of hope from the young poet Gideon Heugh in his book Devastating Beauty:


Did you see it?
That ember glow on the horizon,
the flicker of courage rising,
the quaking shadows
of dry bones being invited to live.

Did you feel it?
The fierce wave of hearts burning,
the multitude of souls yearning,
begging for a wildfire of grace
to spread across a desperate world.

Did you hear it?
The roar of the broken-hearted,
the rumble of a movement started,
the thunder of justice and love and light –
a cavalry charge of hope in the night.

Gideon Heugh

Looking for the whole in the sky…


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