What season are you in?

Sitting here with woolly socks and layers of clothes, and outside feeling like -4o, that may seem like a silly question.

But it’s not only about the calendar, as we explored in a lovely online conversation last night.

For a start, this was a gathering across the world. The early sunrise and warmth of light demonstrating that some were in the tail end of summer, even in February.

Instead, we talked about the seasons that best describe where we are currently in our lives and creative work.

And that’s a whole other lens worth looking through.

So where are you: spring, summer, autumn, winter, or flipping between them?

It’s worth asking because it enables us to be ‘properly clothed’ in our endeavours, so we can focus on doing the right work at the right time. And be OK with this.


Thanks to the Book Writing Group – part of the Right Company, a group mentorship scheme established by Bernadette Jiwa – for a great conversation, as always!