The gift of contentment

Faced with yet more torrential rain and water cascading off the mountainside, my friend Alistair Duncan – another multi-talented artist – suggested I tackle the gift of redistribution.

At that point in time, he was more than happy for someone else – in fact, anywhere in need of water – to have what was sloshing around in Wales.

Following my self-imposed constraint that these gifts for sharing had to be both feasible and doable by anyone: I started with the idea of the re-distributive gift of having enough.

If we were all to challenge ourselves with this question of conscience, I’m confident that the global impact on consumption would be affected. However, I wonder if enough is enough?

Not just in terms of positive redistribution but also in terms of intrinsic motivation. Is the gift sticky enough to catch on?

You see, we need more than a measuring rod and the feeling of guilt to rewire our neural pathways.

So instead, I offer you the gift of contentment.

This is an organic disposition as it infects others as it grows within us. And because it isn’t connected with shame, the fear of failure doesn’t trip us up.

Offering the gift of contentment to ourselves and each other enables us to develop habits of gratitude and joy, which are compound in their effect and have the potential to show up in all areas of our lives.

However, I know from experience that this isn’t an easy option, even if the gift is simple. But it is a gift we can share together, cheering each other on, no matter where we are. Wet or dry.