Listening again to the still small voice


When we are still, what do we hear? Like listening for the sea in a seashell, are there sounds that remind us of elsewhere? Or another time? Recently, I’ve watched several videos of conversations early in the pandemic. Encountering this new world, perspectives on life and relationships were shifting. People were listening at a deeper … Read more

When you stop, what do you hear?


When you stop, what do you hear? Is it the echoes of unfinished conversations,the insistence of a reply,the sadness of the moment,or things said that were better left unsaid? What about the call of the wind,the whisper of water,the wordless sound of a place,or the rumble of the Earth? And what about the comfort of … Read more

Don’t be distracted by the noise


To hear a whisper, we have to be very quiet. And to see intimately, we need to be still and right up close. And probably at ground level. We can’t do either if we are rushing around trying to save the world (or ourselves). And to be honest, our success rate isn’t very high. Perhaps … Read more

Press pause – an invitation to be still


Why do we think we have to earn the right to be still? As if pausing is a reward when it’s a basic human need. Like breathing. We are not complete, not whole if we don’t know how to rest. And especially as we navigate this transition space into the unknown, we need to know … Read more

Being still in the middle


It’s hard to be still when everything around you is in flux. Yet, standing and choosing to be present is the safest place to be. What do you need courage for right now?