Winter sun


Slanting lightilluminating spaceswe don’t normally see,  the gift oflooking sidewaysfor shadowy possibilitiesthe brilliance of summercannot find. + Sue Heatherington

Being in the darkness


Even when we are in the dark, it’s not entirely black. For that, we would need to go way underground, as Robert Macfarlane’s book, Underland, explores. But it can feel disorientating when we have no markers to make sense of where we are. In these situations, we often look for the light. Any light. Yet … Read more

Seeing beauty in the shadows


David Hockney’s current exploration of the use of shadow in art is fascinating. His thesis is that in contrast with Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Persian art, European art employs shadows because of photography. So as I walked around the valley in the early morning sunlight, I tried to imagine a world without shadows. And realised … Read more

In these days


The days draw us to this day and asks if we are ready? PROPHET I wonder why you brought meto these splintering days,this age of earth-deathand default extinctionand the smothering of constellations, nostalgia claws at mescreaming send me back, then I sense a fire that doesn’t consume,a cloud of breath-taking holinesspassing across the face of … Read more

Calling from the shadows


What’s that thingtugging at yourheart,just out ofsight? What’s that soundyou can’t quitehear,yet you recognisethe rhythm? What’s that callthat shapes yourlife,yet still waitsto be named? It’s time to harvestthe little seedsplanteda while agoin the dark. ~ I am a little surprised to be here, again. Yet, I sense there is more to be embraced in the … Read more