Opening the door to the peace bringer


What we say in times like these is important. Our words shape what we think about and frame how we feel. And not just us. They colour the world around us. Therefore I wanted to offer words of peace to carry with us over the coming days. IMPRINT OF PEACE There are no limits… Marks … Read more

Finding the courage to name the dark shadows


Endings are also the time to own the shadows, the challenging situations we have faced during the year. These dark places we had to walk through because there was no other way. Those losses that took a part of us with them. They can’t be replaced, but they do need to be named. This is … Read more

Calm wisdom…


You might have guessed – I love being around trees. Their rootedness earths me. Their instinctive reaching for the sky inspires me. The way they create their ecosystems astonishes me. Continually. Their quiet endurance gives me hope. That in the midst of storms we can stand, even through battering may take its toll. Because in … Read more