In a different world


Everything is stark at this time of year. Most leaves have relinquished their connections, and the tree limbs are naked. The difference between day and night is more acute, and shadows remain cool despite the light. And the colours. The colours have an edge that creates a moving territory depending on where the sun’s rays … Read more

On celebrating difference


Did you know that there are over 500 species of oak? Neither did I. Living in our little valley and watching them change through the seasons has heightened our awareness. Trees just meters apart might have utterly different leaf dimensions. Their shape and how they herald autumn could be significantly dissimilar. Yet they are all … Read more

Choosing to see differently together


Living in this bounded space – a little valley in South West Wales – small shifts in time and place offer surprisingly different perspectives. Sighting the husks of reeds in the reed bed in slanting morning light, they all but disappeared into the murky waters a few minutes later as I passed along the valley … Read more