So who are the Quiet Disruptors?

So who are the new quiet disruptors? Great question – there’s the easy answer, and the easy answer…

The first easy answer is it’s those who think they are. Who are relieved that at last, they have permission to be fully themselves and make the kind of change they were created for.

This speaks to the years when they were told to be someone else. Where they weren’t heard or valued. Whilst all the time seeing how much better things could be if they could shift the way things were done. Things they are passionate about.

So it’s those who self-select, who own being quiet and disruptive. Who want to find their voice and make a difference, their way. Because that’s how they can make the greatest impact. Owning this identity gives them hope.

The second easy answer is that it’s the people who look like quite disruptors. Who inhabit that place of paradox of being both quiet and disruptive.

Thoughtful changemakers. Those who offer a wider or deeper perspective that shows up the shallowness of our thinking. Who bring surprising insights and ask uncomfortable questions. Who creates sense and meaning where there’s chaos. Who can positively affect “the way things are done around here“ by their presence.

They need space to produce their best work and they don’t win by being the loudest. In fact, winning isn’t the goal. Making the world – their work, community and planet – better, is. And they are likely to be creative about it too. Pushing boundaries, connecting things together, finding beautiful solutions to ugly problems.

And they can be stubborn, persistent, focused, generous… Because this isn’t about them.

So this might not have been the answer you were expecting… And you almost certainly have things to add. Great – please do.

But the issue is that there is no box – just a space with fuzzy edges.

Sorry to all those who wanted nice simple answers with instructions attached. Welcome to the new wave of change.