Seeing connections

Yesterday morning our breakfast conversation was about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. And no, this isn’t our usual discussion over porridge!

However, we were thinking about the phrase ‘swerving to rot’ and realised it perhaps had a scientific underpinning.

The thing about the Second Law of Thermodynamics is that in a closed system things have a tendency to get messy and dissipate (entropy). Essentially it’s not healthy.

Therefore being open to connections outside of our normal sphere is important if we’re to avoid going down an unhealthy spiral.

These connections are both with people who might look and say things differently to us, and with ideas that stretch our thinking or perception. At first sight, these might appear incongruent with the way we understand the world, which feels unsettling. But let’s remember that this is our status quo rather than other people’s…

What are you noticing outside your normal field of vision that might be an important connection to make?

Yes, it might be uncomfortable, but it might just stop the inevitable ‘swerving to rot… ‘