Seeding wisdom

Isn’t this astonishingly beautiful?

Exquisite in design. Yet only here for a day.

I’m reminded of the game ‘Dandelion clock’ we played as children. Where each puff of breath was an o’clock. An imaginary way to tell the time.

And today I’m thinking of my friend Katia Lord from The Creative’s Workshop and her new venture Seeding Wisdom:

Listen & Learn. Engage & Connect. Collaborate & Create.

Seeding Wisdom is for those who desire a growth mindset, are fuelled by new experiences & who respect and value human equality demonstrated through kindness and empathy. Our intention is to serve by gathering to mentor, share knowledge & inspire. We believe this will seed new mindsets and collaboration, creating endless growth opportunities!

Now more than ever we need to capture the seeds of wisdom and let them disperse widely.

Please check out Katia’s website and share it with others.