Rule Number 6

Those of you familiar with the brilliant book The Art of Possibility by Roz and Ben Zander will remember Rule Number 6. Even after two decades, it’s as relevant as ever…

Lighten up – don’t take yourself so seriously

Today I am invoking Rule Number 6 because after a week of shearing alpacas and fitting in other things – I don’t have anything profound or quietly disruptive to say.

Instead here are our alpaca awards for the female class of 2020:

  • Best jumper – Owena, she’s like a stallion
  • Best green gunk spitter – both for volume and distance goes to Rhoslyn
  • Highest recorded dB scream – goes to Megan, she wins every year
  • Heaviest leaner (‘no I’m not going to let you touch my feet‘) – goes to Talia
  • Most patient alpaca – goes to Hermione, she just resigns herself
  • Most beautiful fleece – tied between Ellie and Rhona
  • Greatest volume of fleece – Ellie wins in bags full

They are relieved it is over and they can sunbathe without overheating.

We are grateful we don’t have any broken ribs, black eyes, smashed glasses or throbbing bruises.

And then we get to do the boys…