Rebalancing with gratitude and grace

Sometimes we stretch too far and end up in an unhealthy place.

Circumstances, demands and our reactions to them might push us to an unsustainable place. It feels dreadful and we don’t know our way back.

However, pursuing our strengths too far can also leave us stranded. Whilst that sounds counterintuitive, if we look we can see it all around.

The qualities and skills we most value can, if relied on too much and stretched too far, make us unbalanced. Like standing on one leg for too long…

So how do we get back from either of these unhealthy places?

The only way I know is through gratitude and grace. Our act of acknowledging – with thankfulness – that we are part of something bigger and it’s not just about us. And recognising that grace comes to us when we’re open to our need of it.

When we’re stretched that far, we can’t do it alone.