Perseverance and risk


Last night I sat at the kitchen table with a mountain of newly washed alpaca fleece in front of me. Waiting to be teased out and carefully dried.

It takes a lot of time to prepare fleece to run my experiment with alpaca fibre. I am trialling a new way of creating a sustainable textile.

However, it takes an age. And in the middle of last night with my back aching from work I’d done in the afternoon, I wondered if it was worth it.

Here’s the thing. If I don’t experiment with a new way of combining fibre and textile techniques then I’ll never know if it will work.

And I think I may be onto something. Especially with increasing awareness of the impact of man-made fibres on the environment. Plus the properties of alpaca fibre are astonishing and largely undiscovered.

This is disruption.

It takes perseverance.

And yes, it might not work.


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