Pause here…

Pause here… So I did.

Instead of pushing on to write my reflection, the dog and I went for a walk. Up the valley.

All I could hear was birdsong and the sound of water.

No opinions, words, panic or confusion…

Just the Canada Geese doing their thing. Even the alpacas appeared oblivious to the world crisis.

And what about you and me?

Perhaps this is an opportunity to press the pause button and do a manual reset.


Wherever your ‘here’ is currently.

View from the valley

Steve and I are conscious that our ‘here‘ is extraordinary. Its beauty and space inspire us every day.

However, in thinking about this season of restricted movement, we are wondering about sharing views from the valley remotely. Potentially in a variety of ways – video, photography, recording, and writing…

What do you think?

What would feed your soul in the coming days?

Waving to you from the valley


This week

The connections this week have been rich (especially in The Creatives Workshop). There are extraordinary people, doing amazing things right where they are, across the world…