Layers of listening

Pausing in the clearing this morning and drinking in the clear blue sky overhead.

If you are quiet enough, you can hear layers of sound all around.

Birds flitting from tree to tree. The beat of wings and the rustle of landings.

Subtly different tones of tweets (the natural kind), with echoes around the wood.

Up the valley in the more open spaces of farmland, seagulls are circling. Noisily waiting for their opportunity for feed.

Just now a transatlantic jet passes away above. I can’t even see it’s vapour trails through the window of treetops.

And then there’s the ever-present brook. We are so used to the sound of water in the valley that we almost don’t hear it. But when you tune in, it’s there and it’s actually quite loud…

I wonder what you are seeing and hearing with more nuance as the world becomes quieter around you.

It takes time for our eyes and ears to adjust. But it will come.